Edges&Crown® and Edges&Crown For Kids® by Hair Spectacle® are both 100% raw, organic, cold-pressed, essential and carrier oil blends, that contain absolutely no chemical additives.  Both oil blends are specifically crafted to inspire healthy hair growth in the most stubborn places on the scalp.  Each bottle we make is blended, poured and then labeled by hand; making it personal to our staff at Hair Spectacle® to deliver only the finest, high-quality hair growth oil blend available on the market. 


We have complete confidence in the oils we choose to make our products because we buy our oils wholesale and direct from top rated Certified Organic oil distilleries, located only in the United States. 

Our oil blends are specifically balanced blended to reveal healing and healthy growth results in as little as 8 weeks*! 

Did you know that Hair Spectacle® offers a wide variety of Growth Toolsto also help you achieve your desired growth goals?? From hair steamers to Derma Rollers, we do all that we can to help you grow healthy hair!


We are on a journey to grow as much hair as possible, we call it the


Our Vision is clear.... we want to end hair loss for everyone, FOREVER!

 Learning to love and embrace our hair regardless of its length, texture or density is a BIG challenge for many.  At Hair Spectacle® we totally understand the devastation of hair loss, slow hair growth and absolutely no hair growth at all.

But ultimately, we cannot allow our hair to define who we are....

We are not "our" hair!




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Edges&Crown® by Hair Spectacle®


Edges&Crown For Kids® by Hair Spectacle®


There are no other products on the market like Edges&Crown® and Edges&Crown For Kids®. Our oil blends are exclusive available through our website only.

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